Homeless Horses

My major accomplishments is that we find homes for these homeless horses. We are going to interview hopefully 6 people to find more info. We fell really proud and excited about this project. My December goals are to find people to interview and to interview some people that we already know, and we are going to accomplish those goals by putting all our work into this project.Daniel Eduardo Zarate Eduardo Amorim via Compfight

My best post

I always wanted to go to  Paris to see the Eiffel tower & to eat the croissants and what ever food they have. The best thing I  would do there is take a french bulldog,my friends and my self to take some pictures of us on top of the Eiffel tower. I can’t wait to do that when I     get older,or maybe younger for vacation.

Pillars of the Wall for Peace Martyn Davis via Compfight

The one invention that I want to invent is the…..The cordless hairdryer if that was already invented. It would help a lot of people it even comes in smaller to fit in your purse. It also comes in pink,black,gray,purple,blue and white or any color you can think of. It would be sold for $12.42 but for sale price it would be 20% off.

My favorite song is wolves by Katy Perry, it is a really good song. The reason i like it is because it makes me feel good inside. Its also great when you are in a exciting mood too.

Eiffel Tower


Holidays for me and my family

My 3 favorite holidays are Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. Some traditions  we do on Halloween is that we go over my friends house behind us to have a Halloween party. It ends at like 10 or 11 at night. They pick our rooms and I always get        Autumn Hostess Gift Tags the first room which is the dining room. It used to be the pirate room. The last tradition we do on Halloween is that we London Christmas 2016 going trick or treating in different places almost every year.

The next 201701028 Denpark 4tradition I have is Christmas, My tradition of Christmas is first we go over my grandma  and grandpa’s house and my great grandmas house. I get tons of presents. My favorite thing we do is that we sit by my fireplace and we eat cookies and milk together. The last tradition that we do on Christmas is that we go to my uncles house to see the lights down his street.

Then the very last tradition I do is Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving is the time when me and my family go over my grandpas house to eat turkey and play with my little cousins. It is so much is so fun.  I always have the best time there every year. That’s what I do for Thanksgiving.

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Autumn fires

In the other gardens and all up the vale from the autumn bonfires  travels sing a  song of seasons something bright in all how the red fire blazes how the gray smoke travels. You sing a song of seasons something bright in all fire spreads around the world and travels from place to place. We all love the beauty of the fire and how it flows through the wind. Don’t put it out. It’s natures beauty.

Everyone hates fire but I love fire. Everybody told us that we sure know how to start fire and it is true. We do know how to start and keep a fire going and not stopping. Everybody loves a fire I am in love. I am in love. I am in love with a fire.                           https://www.google.com/search?q=fire&rlz=1CALEAO

 Forest fire CIFOR via Compfight

My morning mood to my afternoon mood

My daily routine is to get ready for school is check my homework and see if it’s there.  Then I get on Rosetta Stone. I am off to first period, which is Language  Arts, then Science, Math, Project Based Learning, and last, but not least, Social Studies. Then its lunch. That’s what I do in the morning.

I think there are 200 days I think I am not really sure I think its 200.We are in school for fall,winter,spring and a little bit of summer like 2 or 3 days.One problem I want to solve when I am out of school is this one math problem,but I forgot what it was,the only thing I know  that it’s hard.The person that is going to help me is my mom because she got all A’s in school no F’s,D’s,C’s and some B’s.That is pretty good. 2)My plan is to do it on the first day of summer on a hot day in the morning.If a principle for a week I would give all the kids to have a big party then I would load them on a bus and go on a adventure anywhere then have a contest to see who is the best dancer,and the reason is because I can take my fun and give it to them.The history about Gray Middle School:they won many awards for the best school,best education and the best teachers ever,well they did not win that but I know that Gray Middle School has the best teachers in the world.Thank you.

BELDEN SCHOOLBücherstapel und ein aufgeschlagenes Buch akahawkeyefan via Compfight

My 20% Project

My project is about interviewing the owner of the kill mart and find out more about what their job is. We want to find out more information about what they are doing.

I am so excited for this project. I’m not really scared, a little scared, but mostly excited. I think it might go well.

My major goals for this month is to make sure that some of these horses that are getting killed, get adopted instead. It might be hard, but it’s worth it.

See my Visual Aide for more information.

It’s Halloween Time

Halloween is the time to scare,

the ghosts and ghouls skate about

while the others are sleeping in,

in this town we call home.

Everyone hail to the pumpkin song,

but when the moon rises high over the dark oak tree,

spokes come out for the midnight spree.

Crepe creeps with ere eyes.

Grim Griming ghosts come out to socialize .

When you hear the knell of a relqulem bell

weird glows gleam where spirits dwell

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My Crazy Avatar

The reason I choose this avatar is because most of the time of my life I am really crazy and I love being crazy. The other reason I choose this avatar is because I love to be creative all the time. I just love my crazy self. So that’s why I choose this avatar to be my avatar.

Build your wild self

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